Author Topic: HOW TO: Reset Local Administrator Password on Windows OS  (Read 84 times)


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HOW TO: Reset Local Administrator Password on Windows OS
« on: December 21, 2017, 08:49:43 AM »
The following process explains how to change the local administrator password. NOTE: Will not work if drive is encrypted!!!

Requirement: Windows boot disk
( - "Create boot disk for Windows 7"

1.       Boot machine using Windows BOOT Disk.

2.       In the cmd prompt change the directory to C:

3.       Type in regedit and press enter

4.       Backup the hive HKey Local Machine (HKLM) as system.bak

5.       Click on the hive HKLM.

6.       Click on file from the top left and select load hive.

7.       Navigate to the registry hive “system” located in windows\system32\config

8.       Select the system hive and click load.

9.       At the prompt input “xxx” and click ok.

10.   Click the + next to the hive xxx.

11.   Click on the key “Setup”

12.   In the right-pane double click “Setup Type” and enter a value of 2 and click ok.

13.   Double-click on CmdLine.

14.   Enter cmd.exe and press OK.

15.   Click on the xxx hive.

16.   Click on file, from the top left corner, followed by unload hive.

17.   Close regedit.

18.   Type exit into the cmd prompt.

19.   When the computer reboots you will be prompted with another cmd prompt just prior to the Windows login screen.

20.   From this window type in “net user” (without the quotation marks) to view the accounts stored on the machine.

21.   Once you determine the spelling of the administrator account use the following command to change the password: net user username password.

Note: For the username you will need to use the correct case-sensitive name provided in the previous step. For the password, anything can be used but it must meet the 14 character requirement of the network.


22.   Once you receive confirmation that the command completed successfully close the window.

23.   Windows will boot to the login screen.

24.   Attempt to login to local admin like normal.
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Create boot disk for Windows 7
« Reply #1 on: December 21, 2017, 09:03:14 AM »
Create boot disk for Windows 7

You can create the boot disk for Windows 7 by following these steps:

Boot into Windows 7 and login as an administrator or any user who has administrative rights to the system

Insert a blank DVD in the disk tray

At Start, type recdisc.exe in the Search field

Click on the first result, the recdisc.exe item. It should usually be the first result item available.

If the “Create a system repair disc” screen doesn’t show up, follow these steps instead:

     Go to Control Panel

     Go to Backup and Restore

    Click on Create a system repair disc

Select the drive that has the blank DVD in it

Click Create disc

When the process is finished, click Close

Click OK